The World War II- History of the 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division
Allen L. Langdon (Author), Rev. George B. Wood (Editor)
(This book has been out of print for years.  This is a rare opportunity so order your copy now.)

Hello Katie,

I have "READY" printed and ready to ship. For a Donation to the 82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund of $25.00 plus $5.00 handling and postage, I will mail a copy. Make checks payable to the 82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund. The fund is 501 (c) (3). I have plenty of books so get the word out.

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Airborne All The Way.
Allen E. Schoppe
82nd Airborne Division Association Educational Fund

Airborne Reading List

Ready, Allen Langdon
SAGA of the All American, Buck Dawson
Passing Through: The 82nd Airborne Division in Ireland, 1943-44  John P McCann
Four Stars of Valor, Phil Nordyke
Put of Your Boots and Parachutes, Deryk Wills
Desending The Clouds, Spencer Wurst & Gayle Wurst
Combat Jump, Ed Ruggero
First Men In, Ed Ruggero

More Then Courge, Phil Nordyke
Normany 1944: A Young Rifleman's War, Dick Stodghill
The Day of Battle, Rick Atkinson
Tonight We Die As Men, I Gardner & R Day
An Irresistible Force, Phil Nordyke
Abundance of Valor, Will Irwin
The Sword of St Michael, Guy LoFaro
Shiffty's War, Marcus Brotherton
TIME D-Day 65Th Anniversary Tribute (Reissue of the 2004 Time Classic) 24 Hours That Saved the World
In The Company of Soldiers, Rick Atkinson
No Surrender, James J Sheeran
Operation Market Garden - The Legend of the Waal Crossing, Tim Lynch
To D Day and Back, Bob Bearden
Jump into the Valley of the Shadow, Dwayne T Burns (and my friend Leland Burns)
Surrounded By Hero's, Len Lebenson
Rigway's Paratroopers, Clay Blair 
The General & His Daughter, Barbara Gavin
Bail Out Over North Africa, LTG William Pelham Yarborough
Four Stars of Valor, Phil Nordyke
Paratrooper!, Gerard M Devlin
No Better Place to Die, Robert M Murphy
The War, Geoffrey C Ward & Ken Burns
Time Out For Compat, Otis L Sampson
Why Me?, John Perozzi
Strik and Hold, T.Moffatt Burriss
Jump Commander, Mark J Alexander and John Sparry
The All Americans in World War II, Phil Nordyke
Me Or You, Milton E Schlesener
AllThe Way to Berlin, James Megellas
A Bridge to Far, Cornelius RyanThe Last Battle, Cornelius Ryan
All American Paratroopers Memior of D - Day & the Fall of the Third Reich, David Kenyon Webster
The Greatest Generation, Tom Brokaw
Band of Brothers, Stephen E Ambros
Biggest Brother, Larry Alexander
The Americans at D Day, John C McManus
I'm the 82ND Airborne Division, Robert P Anzuoni

Four Perfect Pebbles, Lila Perl & Marion Blumenthal Lazan